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Thread: I need fashion advice! (outfit for my sister's wedding)

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    ^ Ooh I do like that clutch

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    i like witch's idea of 'paco rabanne but not exactly' earrings, now whether they are pearl or white metal will depend on what i find.

    I love when someone understands my odd idiom

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    january - i totally agree with you that a patterned clutch will make the outfit 'pop', way more than a clutch in a solid colour would. and i love the pattern you posted so much that i contacted the seller on etsy and she's going to make me a custom clutch with that same fabric as the sunglasses case in the picture you posted, but it will be an actual clutch.
    this bag: Shimmery Cream Polka Dot Medium Frame Clutch by kailochic on Etsy
    but with the grey, white and pink fabric of the sunglasses case.
    awesome idea! i loved that pattern. i want her to make me one too! the clutch is the perfect thing to pull the whole outfit together. add me to the 'wants an invite to the wedding list' too!

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