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Thread: I designed this top; what do you think?

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    We want to see!!
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    You're so talented Lola

    (OT- I love your doors)

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    Oh I'd love to be able to wear something like that. I love the sleeves and how it all flows nicely. You're very slender so it looks lovely on you. Me, it would make me look fat Having boobs that are way too big doesn't help either Oh and of course, I'd have one in black thanks

    Is there anything you can't do?? Everything I'm hopeless at, you do it so well! Sewing is another skill I'm 'challenged' in. My poor Mum has tried to show me but I'm such a clutz (sigh).

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    Those smock styles really only work on super slim people. If you have any major boobage you just look fat/preggo. But if you have the right body shape (and Lola does) then it can look really good. I envy you - I have hips and tits and I know from bitter experience that I just can't wear empire line anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morticia View Post

    Is there anything you can't do?? Everything I'm hopeless at, you do it so well! Sewing is another skill I'm 'challenged' in. My poor Mum has tried to show me but I'm such a clutz (sigh).
    I'm willing to bet there's a million things you're brilliant at that I *can't* do. My main career oriented skills are also relatively useless for the moment until the children are older. I sell a few costumes/outfits a year(And I really do mean a few) and do hair when I'm asked for (Word of mouth is an interesting beast)

    But if I was to try to go back into the shop right now, it would quickly suck up my life. I used to wind up working 11 hours days when I just meant to be in for part time I tried to go back a few hours a week when my oldest was 3, but I would up having to move back into my old college video store clerk position instead because if I was sewing, nothing was EVER done(11 hours of never being finished), and if I was dressing/styling (Wardrobe tech) You get there at 4pm to help them start dressing and don't leave until midnight because there's always SOMETHING out of place

    So yes, my skill set is neat, and I love having it, but not an easy thing to use
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    it's really cute, and i love the color of the fabric too

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    I like it! Great job. I agree with the others though, if it was more fitted around/under the bust area it would look a little better. Cute color and it does look good on your body type.

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