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Thread: Flattering t-shirts for every bodyshape

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    ^^I agree I have a flat stomach and I still don't expose it. A little bit of cover goes a long way in being sexy imo.

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    I find it hard to find tops that fit well cause they are always too long in the torso area

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    i think thats pretty stupid, especially the part about the tube tops
    i wore tube tops when i was 100% flat and now after having my breasts augmented, i still wear them and they looked great regardless.

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    What a helpful article, I didn't know any of that stuff, thanks for posting this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ediebrooks View Post
    I have always loved T-shirts, and wear them pretty much year round. But I'm pretty modest, and I would never wear a tee that's too tight. It's better for it to be a trifle big, I think. And I don't think the belly is an area that's meant to be exposed, unless you're at the beach or the pool.

    I'm the same way, I'm a big t-shirt and khaki girl. Very plain and simple but I know how to jazz it up. Anyway, I can't stand it when people don't wear clothes that don't fit. I mean you could have the perfect outfit for your body but if it's a size too small it'll look like shit.

    For example, my friend who's 10-20 pounds heavier than I am went shopping with me the other day and we tried on the same shirt. I tried on a large and she just grabbed a medium. I came out and said, "This shirt is too small for me, I don't like it". She buys the medium. She wore it yesterday and it was just too tight, it was way too spandexy and not good. It was a black t-shirt so that was her saving grace but, what are you gonna do? I know she prefers to wear really tight clothes and I don't but, it just doesn't look good sometimes.
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