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Thread: Empire waist shirts help please

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    I swear by good bras. I've dropped $250 at a time and walked out with only 4 bras. It's the best investment you can make in your wardrobe.

    Unfortunately I'm lazy so I wash and dry them. I'm still using them without issue but I know they'd last longer being hand-washed and hung to dry.
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    I buy my bra at TK Maxx so my wardrobe used to be a mixture of kenzo, lejaby, wonderbra, le mystere etc I don't spend a lot on mine.
    I won't wash them by hand & throw them in the washer.

    I get all my 34B bras to a friend of mine so they're now 10 yrs old (if not older) & they're still holding ('em) up great!

    But it does make a tremendous difference!
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