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Thread: Designer Sunglasses Are A LIE!!!

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    I rarely wear sunglasses but always thought the expense was ridiculous for designer ones. The last pair I bought came from the local Dollarama.
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    I buy mine very cheap too.....I have a habit of sitting on them, or kids breaking them, so I refuse to buy any over $5.00. And honestly, I have gotten many compliments on my cheapo's...

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    Now I'm blind as a bat I need prescription lenses in my sunnies so I have to get good quality frames too. Not necessarily designer though.
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    I have a pair of Chanel ...
    I must admit I didn't know their quality wasn't better than the other ones, or I would probably have thought twice about buying them ... or maybe not.
    I take very good care of my stuff, I rarely scratch or lose anything, I've had this pair for at least 5 years now and they're still in excellent condition.
    and then I'm a fashion whore, I totally adore Chanel, and I loved the design of those glasses. I've been eyeing a pair of Dior for months, I really think their design is unique, although it's obvious that you pay for the brand.
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    i disagree that there's no difference between cheap and expensive sunnies.
    my experience is similar to novice's. i have 3 pairs of designer sunglasses. and all 3 are superb quality and have lasted years.
    one pair i bought because i wanted a pair of sunglasses with prescription lenses and if i was going to pay that much for the lenses, i wanted sturdy frames that wouldn't fall apart. they weren't that expensive, about 80$ (from the paul frank suzi quatro collection from about 5 years ago) and they are still in perfect condition.

    the second pair are d&g i bought on sale. no prescription lenses. to wear with contact lenses.

    the third pair are miu miu and i bought them for really cheap at the outlet in milan.

    yes, some designer sunglasses are overpriced and overrated and as bad as cheap ones. but in many cases, they are better quality. the frames are better constructed and won't bend/deform or fall apart. you can feel and see the difference.
    and the lens quality is by far superior as well. i am a vampire - super sensitive eyes and i wear sunglasses year round because even the winter sun makes me squint. with cheap sunglasses, even when the lens is dark, it doesn't get rid of the glare and i still squint even with the glasses on. the lenses on my miu miu are quite light but put them on and they eliminate the glare from the sun. cheap lenses don't.

    you don't have to buy designer but you do have to buy at least the polaroid glasses (i think those run about 30$) to get at least adequate protection.
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    There's a difference between super cheap glasses and more expensive ones, but after a certain price point there is no difference. $100 glasses are the same as $400 glasses.

    My sunnies are prescription, so I'm careful not to lose them. I always have polarized lenses put in for glare, it's worth the cost. Just like I always have my regular glasses anti-glare coated for light halos at night.

    The article makes a point about glasses, but most licensed products are the same as the glasses. Like 'designer' underwear. It's usually a regular lingerie company making the designer goods, as a licensee. Ex: Calvin Klein undies are made by Warnaco- which also makes tons of other brands.

    Lots of 'designer' clothing is made the same way. The actual design house has nothing to do with the product. In fashion that's where the money is, getting to a level where you can license your brand.

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    I buy my designer sunglasses the same place I buy my designer wear TJ Maxx!
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    Meh, I still love my ray bans and carreras. However, I won't spend more than 150 on a pair.

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