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Thread: Dare to flaunt your bra straps

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    Clear straps are the devil. Have never owned any and think they look so tacky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmmdee View Post
    Clear straps are the devil. Have never owned any and think they look so tacky.
    Agreed. They are awful, and remind me of those lucite stripper heels.
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    I hate seeing people who purposely show their bra straps. If they happen to accidentally show, no big deal, but too many people like to use underwear as outerwear. These are kind of a nice solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by witchcurlgirl View Post
    I hate visible straps....and the clear ones as well....

    there are so many underwear options that they're is no fucking excuse for looking like a moron that doesn't know any better.
    My thoughts exactly !
    When you have a look at these bras for exemple - Boutique en ligne : collection de Lingerie
    it really leaves you with no excuse for visible bra straps.

    And it always bothered me as well in SATC.
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    i hate the clear straps, bought them once and they dug into my shoulders so threw them out
    then after seeing them on other people i was soo glad as they do look cheap and nasty
    as a girl with a bigger chest i found the trick is to get a strapless top that has a designed band underneath the chest, makes a strapless bra more effective (unless your like me and get drunk and jump up and down a lot)

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