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Thread: Coach tries to upgrade their clientele

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    i Love my new coach purse that i got yesterday! love it! i even got the smaller demi purse to match
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    Quote Originally Posted by COVERGERL View Post
    Coach is actually suing Target for selling fake Coach bags.
    and Walmart I heard, and Costco

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    i'm not a fan of coach, especially the monogrammed purses, and i agree the purse from the upmarket line looks very inspired by mulberry, but i loooove a well made, beautiful purse and am willing to pay money for one. i usually buy myself a beautiful purse as either a christmas or birthday present, not some trendy bag but one i love and that i know i will still love in a few years. i'd much rather have a few good bags than a lot of cheap ones. i have cheaper bags but they tend to be 'fun' or cute bags, but for everyday leather bags i'd rather go for quality. i want something that lasts and ages well.
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