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Thread: Beth Ditto's plus size Evans clothing collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittylady View Post
    She looks smaller in these photos than in the Evans promo ones!

    And that shit is UG-LY!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilly Willy View Post
    Plus sized my ass. I would have expected differently from Beth. With her being the advocate for big people, why didn't she choose a big model? Fucking hypocrite. I actually remember her complaining about the jacked up beauty standards of the fashion industry. Way to make a difference! Not.
    Exactly. That's the problem I have with her. Not because she's a big girl, but she doesn't use it to promote that larger girls can be beautiful like she tries to tell us. She uses it for shock value because that's all she feels she has. She knows people are saying 'ewww' from her sloppy, near naked appearances, but it gets a crowd at gigs. She makes a mockery of plus size women. A bit like those gimmicky greeting cards with the obese women in ridiculous poses.
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