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Thread: Beth Ditto's plus size Evans clothing collection

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    At least 2 of those are very cute-on the MODEL. I would hate to see them super sized.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    uh, has anybody noticed that the models used are WAY skinnier than Ditto is? LOL

    wtf ever
    All 'plus-sized" models are at most a little chubby, and with toned bodies/killer proportions. Wouldn't they be able to shop at non plus-sized shops anyway?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aella View Post
    All 'plus-sized" models are at most a little chubby, and with toned bodies/killer proportions. Wouldn't they be able to shop at non plus-sized shops anyway?
    It's sort of like how models for petite size clothing generally have to be between 5'6" and 5'8". Even though petite sizes are designed for women 5'4" and under.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    Most of those would look decidedly unflattering on plus sized girls.

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    I wear plus size and there is no chance in hell i'd wear any of those outfits.... They are totally unflattering!

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    Love how they use what would be in a real world an average-sized girl with a somewhat normal shaped figure to model this stuff. If I had mass and rolls like Ditto there's no way this side of hell you'd catch me in any of those. But I guess her whole shtick is not giving a fuck about how that looks in the first place. Being as that is the case, why not use a chick her size?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    Someone give Kelly Clarkson this web link.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadDwarf View Post
    I kind of like the one on the left, although I would never wear this print.


    These are plus sizes? Where? They look normal and healthy to me.

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    Kate Moss lends extra weight to Beth Ditto's plus-size clothing launch (but has to bring her own LBD of course)

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 11:34 AM on 03rd July 2009

    She ushered in the 1990s waif look, but last night Kate Moss was championing an altogether different vision of the female form.
    The supermodel turned out to support punk singer Beth Ditto's new plus-size fashion range for Evans at London's Sketch bar last night.

    As well as being Beth's firm friend and regular party pack, Kate is of course the ace in Evans and Topshop owner Sir Philip Green's pack of powerful friends and associates.

    The billionaire businessman would no doubt have encouraged the model's attendance at the party in an guaranteed effort to drum up interest after the runaway success of their Topshop alliance.

    It seems the Sir Philip called in quite a few favours for the event, also securing X Factor judge Simon Cowell as a VIP guest.
    Firm friends: Kate Moss showed her support for Beth Ditto at the launch of the singer's plus size Evans fashion range at London's Sketch last night

    Leg it: Kate arrived wearing a thigh-skimming little black dress


    Domino effect: The Gossip star showed off one of her new designs from the
    size 14-32 collection

    The retail tycoon and music mogal are of course said to be in the process of forming a £1billion global super entertainment company in a bid to rival Disney.
    The powerful trio - Sir Philip, Kate and Simon - spent the evening chatting together, perhaps hatching a fresh business stragedy. Or a plan for global domination.

    Kate, 32, arrived wearing a thigh skimming black dress, which was not from The Gossip front woman's collection which comes in size 14-32.

    In fact, Beth appeared to be the only person wearing a sample of her designs - a very bold domino print tunic and leggings combination.
    A host of other stars attended the party including Kelly Osbourne, who was accompanied by her lookalike boyfriend Luke Worrall.

    Hands on approach: Kate enjoys a private chat with fellow guest Simon Cowell

    Who is the richest of them all? The powerful trio share a laugh together

    Model Daisy Lowe arrived in a skimpy pair of denim hotpants while catwalk veteran Yasmin Le Bon arrived in a navy velvet tuxedo from her upcoming YLB collection designed for high street store Wallis.

    Beth has become an unlikely favourite on the fashion scene in recent years.
    She has had couture clothes designed just for her by designers including Karl Lagerfeld and mingled with the likes of Vogue editor Anna Wintour front row at Paris Fashion Week.

    The 28-year-old, who has called herself a ‘fat, feminist lesbian from Arkansas’, has previously lashed out at the size zero phenomenon and blamed gay men in the fashion industry for the super skinny trend.

    She is said to have turned down a design deal with high street giant Topshop in the past after criticising their ‘limited’ sizing policy, so it was considered a coup for Phillip Green to land the iconic singer as a designer for High Street store Evans, part of the Arcadia group to which Topshop belongs.

    Thighs the limit: Daisy Lowe showed off her legs in a tiny pair of denim hotpants

    To dye for: Kelly Osbourne arrived with her lookalike love Luke Worrall

    The collection is a riot of colour, with bold printed dresses and leggings using plenty of monochrome cut with vibrant Eighties-inspired tones: fuchsia, violet, jade green and royal blue.

    Lisa Marie Peacock, head of design at Evans, said Beth had full control over the range.
    'She totally owned it. It wasn't really a collaboration, it was Beth's ideas that really drove this project.

    'What amazed us was that she already had an amazing sketch book full of ideas.'

    Still got it: Yasmin Le Bon arrived at the party in a velvet tuxedo of her own design - part of an upcoming collection for High Street store Wallis

    And while Beth wasn't the official fittings model for the collection, the singer made sure she monitored the progress of her designs throughout their development.
    'She was there for the majority of the fittings. She doesn't mind stripping off so she didn't mind getting her kit off to try things on,' said Peacock.

    The singer has designed a 22-piece collection for the store, encompassing shift dresses, coloured and printed leggings, accessories and shoes.
    Beth Ditto for Evans collection launches in stores nationwide and online at Beth Ditto at Evans Clothes Collection from July 9th

    Sharp exit: Kate revealed just a little too much as she headed home with her boyfriend Jamie Hince

    Kate Moss bigs up Beth Ditto's clothing collection (even though the waif is not exactly in need of her plus size designs) | Mail Online

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    New Beth Ditto's collection goes on sale at Evans today, available in sizes 14-32

    Disco diva: Beth chose graphic prints for the flattering dresses she designed

    Face knit dress, £65, and right, purple sequin top, £65

    Domino print and swirl print leggings, £22

    Stained glass pattern prom dress, £55; right, geo sequin prom dress, £60

    Blue all-in-one jumpsuit, £40; right, domino print dress, £40

    Full control: Beth was fully involved in the design of the range, producing sketches and attending fittings throughout the design process

    Stonewash denim skirt, £35, and Geo sequin top, £50, by Beth Ditto for Evans

    Structured lip detail handbag, £25, and monochrome brogue shoe, £38

    Gem detail belt, £20, and black and white leather pump, £28

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    That's some of the ugliest shit, I've ever seen.

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    I actually quite like the stained glass window dress and the face jumper dress.
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    this dress is really cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missjuicy View Post
    At this point, anything would be an improvement. Kelly was on Letterman last night. She needs a fashion intervention.

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    That shit is hideous.
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