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Thread: Best idea ever? Flat shoe vending machines

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    I leave for a few days and this is what I have to come back to see.

    FLAT SHOES?!?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by katerpillar View Post
    When I go out clubbing, I put those little gel insert things inside my shoes which stop the balls of your feel from burning so much. I always have tights or stockings on too, which prevents blisters. By the time I leave I'm usually just drunk enough not to feel/care about my feet anymore. The pain comes the next morning.

    I don't think I'd ever be bothered buying a pair of those vending machine shoes... besides everything else, frankly I'm too stingy. For that money, I could get another drink!
    I'm the same! By the time I'm drunk I can't feel the pain, until I wake up the next morning and I feel my feet are going to fall off!

    This is a cool idea though. Are they reusable? I assume they are, because 5 is quite a lot for a one-use pair of flats.
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    They are sold in the club I work in and I think they're a great idea. I wouldnt buy them myself tho, cause I never wear high heels. For me it's comfort before fashion

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