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Thread: 2009's style resolutions: what to love (and to leave behind)

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    Default 2009's style resolutions: what to love (and to leave behind)

    2009's Style Resolutions: What to Love (and to Leave Behind) - Yahoo! Shopping

    As the New Year kicks off, we take a look back at the fashion trends we think should stick around — and a few we’re ready to say sayonara to.

    Leave it: Boots with shorts
    Yes, all those hip British trendsetters-Sienna, Kate and Lily, just to name a few-tried the quirky combo this year, but on the rest of us, it looks kinda trashy and a tad unflattering. Besides, who wants to wear anything that emphasizes your kneecaps?

    Love it: Skinny jeans tucked into boots
    Whoever had the genius idea to tuck skinny jeans into tall boots and call it a day deserves some kind of award. Perfect for everything from weekend errands to date night, this comfy, easy and super-chic look is a little like the never-ending Sex and the City reruns: It's always there, always stylish and always surprisingly satisfying.

    Leave it: White tights
    Believe it or not, every once in a while there's a DON'T on Gossip Girl. The bright-white tights Blair Waldorf sometimes wears work only on-screen, where some camera guy makes sure he always has the most flattering angle. In real life, stark white tights make even the longest, leanest legs look a little squat.

    Love it: Black tights with an LWD
    At some point this year, some VIP tastemaker came up with a great answer to the age-old question "What the heck do I wear with a white dress-when it's not an 85-degree summer day?" We're not sure who can claim credit, but this much is certain: This fresh (and flattering!) take on classic black and white is a total DO.

    Leave it: Skull-print scarves
    The punk accessory-once a favorite of the young-Hollywood set-lost its edge shortly after drugstores started selling polyester knock-offs.

    Love it: Dangly earrings
    Once reserved for fancy red-carpet events (or in our world, proms, parties and maybe a Facebook photo or two), shoulder-dusting earrings are going to be the go-to accessory for morning, noon and night. Slip on a pair of danglers to dress up your outfit in half a second.

    Leave it: Crocs
    Much like their trendy-yet-ugly predecessors, Uggs, the rubber moccasins look silly on anyone over age five. Tuck them into the back of your closet and pull them out only when gardening.

    Love it: Gladiator sandals
    This year saw the return of one of the most timeless styles of all-Grecian-inspired sandals. Beloved by everyone from Roman gods to screen sirens, this style walks the fine line between casual (flip-flops) and dressy (strappy sandals) and they're super comfy. Here's hoping they'll be around for another couple thousand years.

    Leave it: '70s caftans
    A groovy, peace, love and happiness attitude? That's a total DO. Looking like a walking curtain from the Partridge Family set? Leave that DON'T in the time capsule.

    Love it: '60s shift dresses
    Made popular this year by the addictive Mad Men, the sweet retro-feeling frocks look good on just about everyone-and work all year round.

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    Nooo-not gladiator sandals nonononono. They chop everyones leg line.
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    crocs must die.

    i wear shorts and my uggs to the store all the time. but then i'm nobody so who cares?
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    Goodbye black leggings, crocs and gladiator sandals. Please!

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