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Thread: Christian Siriano: NY Fashion Week Spring 2009

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    Default Christian Siriano: NY Fashion Week Spring 2009

    While this season's winner is still to be determined, Project Runway alumnus Christian Siriano has since moved on to show his debut collection at New York Fashion Week. Simply put, Siriano did not disappoint. The boy genius pulled out all the stops turning his gift of ruffling, tufting, and ruching into a romantically hip collection.White cotton blouses were embellished with ornate sleeves while neon colors splashed off hues of gray. Thanks to Siriano's ornate folding technique, stiff organza magically turned into elaborate dresses and structured sheer blouses. I especially fancied the ankle skimming pants and liquid silk tops. In the words of Heidi Klum, “Not too many from the show actually pull off a Fashion Week show, and he did.”

    New York Fashion Week, Spring 2009: Christian Siriano | Heidi Klum, 2009 Spring, 2009 Spring Fashion Week | FabSugar - Fashion & Style.
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    OMG, I LOVE Christian!
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    His clothes are gorgeous. I couldn't pull off any of them, but they are stunners.
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    I love Christian! He's FIERCE!

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    Love him and his designs too.

    SNL skit was the best
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    And he thought it was funny too, which made me love his bitch ass.

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    I thought i would be disappointed but I love all of them
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    i cannot stand him, but i love these!
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    I didn't like his collection on the Project Runway finale but I think this collection is beautiful and creative.

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