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Thread: Runway report: Charlotte Ronson

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    Default Runway report: Charlotte Ronson

    the PIPELINE: Style on Tap

    Runway Report: Charlotte Ronson

    By Erin Donnelly and Annie-Georgia Greenberg

    As always, it was a family reunion at Charlotte Ronson's Bryant Park spring/summer show, with brother Mark reporting for DJ duty, Samantha and Lindsay Lohan planted in the front row, and half-sis Annabelle along with Mark's squeeze Daisy Lowe taking turns on the catwalk. Lowe walked the runway to applause and answered how the clothing might look on someone under six feet tall (just as good and easy to pull off). The spring/summer wares felt girly but with a naughty streak, from hot pink and black lace La-Dolce-Vita-goes-downtown frocks cinched with wide black belts to bustiers done up in swiss dot and rib knit. Though floaty floral print dresses and '70s-esque lace ruffle tanks were the prettiest of the bunch, it was Ronson's effortless denim dresses (so easy to dress up or down), boyfriend blazers, and exposed shoulder details that will have us reaching for our wallets. Family friend Sean Lennon, en route to, "a party in my pants," offered a thumb's up: "I'm actually really impressed. I'm really proud of her." Party on Mr. Pants. Jessica Stam and Olivia Palermo were also fans. Palermo agreed that, "the show was great, much more grown up and directional". Look out for the sheer knee socks and dangerously high heels that are sure to continue making appearances throughout fashion week and into the fall.

    Photos from

    Runway Report: Charlotte Ronson -Refinery29 Pipeline-
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    Not feeling any of these looks.

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    Meh. And the models are fug, too. Anorexic drag queens.
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    never thought daisy lowe was the model type but comparing her to the others she looks really pretty and healty.
    the clothes are nothing really special but they are ok. there is a lot worse out there.

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    eh. I still find it very disturbing that designers and people in the fashion industry can turn a blind eye to girls who are obviously ill. I know many of them are naturally thin and just watch their weight, but there are at least 2 above that are beyond skinny. They're gaunt, walking-dead.

    Anyway, I found the clothing underwhelming, boring, recycled, just blah.

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