Spotting Veronica Webb (in Fall '08 Roy) on the sidewalk upon entering Rachel Roy's Spring presentation really set the tone for the decadent clothes. Set in an airy space on the far west side, the sparse and AC-perfect atmosphere was the canvas for highly embellished, highly fantastic clothes. Before we talk clothes, notice the banded Manolo Blahnik for Rachel Roy shoes and the quirky Roy-designed accessories. This woman delivers the total look.The clothes delivered red carpet drama, sophisticated cocktail wares, and laid back elegance. Upon close inspection, notice details like embroidery, studs, lace, and even words (see the Muse ivory dress). Volume play, though a terrific theory, should be saved for the model who wears it but it's eye candy no less. I can see a mother, daughter, starlet, and myself wearing these multidimensional muses.

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