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Thread: What are city shorts?

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    Default What are city shorts?

    We have a new dress code at my job. Shorts are not allowed at all, not even dress or city shorts. Any skirts, pants, etc... must come to the top of the knee at the shortest. I have many outfits where the pants comes to the top of knee, mid knee, and right below the knee. Are these city shorts? I thought city shorts were dress shorts that came mid/lower thigh. I was turned in to my boss for being out of dress code because I had on what I thought were tailored pants that were at the knee. It made me mad because I was turned in by a fellow co-worker, I always always look professional, and I am good at my job. However, if I am in the wrong I won't wear them again.

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    Anything you were wearing that got turned in-forget it. Why risk it? Err on the side of caution,always. This new dress code sounds stricter than you are used to so don't fight it. Get a few skirts to fill in instead. Sure it made you mad-now you know,so outwit them!
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    God someone's got too much time on their hands if they're moaning about someone wearing knee length shorts!! Are we still living in the victorian era?

    Do you work in an office? I have to wear a uniform in my job-which I quite like, it means I don't have to put together outfits every day. It's not a hideous uniform either.

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    These are city shorts

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    What's the purpose of such dress codes? I don't get it.

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    I guess it depends on the job and the image the company wants its employees to project and for many I can see that shorts would not be deemed appropriate.
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    Knee length pants have no business in the professional environment. Most places that have strict dress codes have them just so that the employees project a professional image inspiring consumer confidence. There are other compelling psychological reasons some places insist on this dress code.

    I work in a suits or dresses only place and it does add something. You tend to behavior with more professionalism when dressed like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lienka View Post
    What's the purpose of such dress codes? I don't get it.
    Vast studies has shown that employees wearing professional dress are more productive than non-professional dress wearing employees - the obvious exception is in the creative industries where "thinking time" is paid for.
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