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Thread: (Ugly) shoes that transform into sandals

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    Default (Ugly) shoes that transform into sandals

    Unpredictable summers can make choosing the right footwear well nigh impossible.
    A pair of stylish sandals might seem the best way to avoid sweaty socks, but if the heavens open you are left trudging home with distinctly damp feet.
    Now a shoe company has come up with an ingenious solution to get the best of both worlds - shoes that transform into sandals with a flick of a zip.

    Nat-2's new transforming shoe could help save time deciding what shoe to wear
    The Nat-2 design looks like a regular pair of canvas shoes, similar to popular designs by the Converse brand.
    But when you want to give your feet a bit of fresh air you can unzip the sole to reveal a pair of sandals.
    The canvas top can easily be folded up and slipped into a bag.
    With more than 20 different designs available, you can mix and match soles with different uppers.
    The concept of transforming shoes is sure to bring out the inner child in those who grew up playing with Transformers in the 1980s.
    However, unlike the ubiquitous plastic robots, the Nat-2 is much harder to track down. The only place selling them in Britain is Wild Goose, in Twickenham, South-West London, where you can pick up a pair for 59.99.

    The German designed Nat-2 shoe is similar in style to the popular Converse All Stars

    Shop owner Peter Pearce, 63, said: 'We were the first to bring these shoes into this country in June, this year.
    'We ordered almost 50 pairs at first and they are well on the way to selling out. The concept of the shoes is absolutely fantastic - and perfect for the summer. You get two pairs of shoes in one. The designer is always looking at new styles.
    'We're planning to speak to him in the next month about new designs. It's early days for us but we're confident the Nat-2 shoes are going to be a big hit.'
    A spokesman for the shoes' German designers K&T, said: 'Imagine being dressed properly and comfy wherever and whenever. The brand Nat-2 makes it possible by using its patented two in one system.

    All tops are interchangeable which allows one to combine colours, materials and styles.
    'By taking one base and various tops you can save weight and gain more space while travelling the world.'
    All the British holidaymaker needs now is for someone to invent a pair that can transform into wellies.

    Shoes that transform into sandals in seconds could end footwear confusion | Mail Online

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    hmm, surely any water is going to get in through that zip area...not to mention it'll get all rusty!

    And the sandals are fug..

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    I think I would rather have "distinctly wet feet" than wear those fugly shoes
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    those are so ugly. blech
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    another product for the "useless crap" file.
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    Well, it is really not a bad idea. If they expanded the line to include like sneakers that turned into high heels or even just better looking sandals, that might be more appealing.
    The idea is a good one, but they need to work on it a bit more I think.

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    Those are just hideous

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    (Ugly) is right.

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    I can't imagine ever buying those! Yuck.

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