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Thread: Choosing sunglasses that complement your face shape

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    Default Choosing sunglasses that complement your face shape

    Find Sunglasses That Complement Your Face

    Choosing a haircut for your face shape can be a challenge - particularly because you don't quite know what you're buying until you've already bought it - but sunglasses offer a whole different set of shopping parameters. Most importantly, you can see what you're getting before you buy. To help steer you towards the perfect pair, below are some guidelines for finding sunglasses that tend to flatter four common face shapes.

    Face Shape: Oblong
    Frames to try: Round or Square.

    Frames that are the same length vertically as horizontally will cover a good portion of your face and give the illusion that it's shorter.
    Check out: Wide-Eyed Shades at

    Face Shape: Square
    Frames to try: Oval.

    Choosing a frame shape that contrasts with the lines of your face will soften an angular jawline and hairline, creating a more proportioned silhouette.
    Check out: Ralph by Ralph Lauren Oval Sunglasses.

    Face Shape: Round
    Frames to try: Rectangular.

    The angles will downplay your face's roundness and make it appear longer.
    Check out: Marc by Marc Jacobs Rectangular Sunglasses.

    Face Shape: Heart-Shaped
    Frames to try: Rimless or Aviator.

    They'll accent your eyes and play down the angles on the lower half of your face. Colored lenses will draw even more attention towards the eye area.
    Check out: Calvin Klein Rimless Sunglasses.

    Find Sunglasses That Complement Your Face - Yahoo! Shopping

    I love the 1960s cat-eye sunglasses - very Marilyn Monroe! I think I've got a roundish face, though, so I guess I should probably shy away from those.
    “What are you looking at, sugar-tits?” - Mel Gibson

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    I've never been able to figure out what my face shape is. My mom says it's oval, but I have always felt it's more square.

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    I have a heart shaped face, and I detest aviator glasses. I go for chic 1960s-esque ones.

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