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Thread: What did your prom dress look like?

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    Default What did your prom dress look like?

    I was surfing E-Bay and found vintage 80's prom dresses and lo and behold there was mine!!!

    I can't remember if I wore this one in 84 or 85....

    I thought I looked hot so with the butt bow!

    Plus it was black in the days when pastels and ruffles ruled. Or else you sported the "Who Shot Scarlett O'Hara and Stole Her Clothes" look.

    It was a Gunne Sax. My date wore a white tux with a black ruffled shirt.

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    I went to three proms, the first time I wore a sprakly black dress, the second time a beautiful flowy black dress and the third time I wore something similar to this: (in black and gold)
    ..and I mean that from the heart of my bottom..

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    Mine was by Betsy Johnson, I believe. It was black, backless with long sleeves and in velvet. Kind of like: But it had a different neckline. I have it archived, loved that dress. ETA, Shit! No, that was for Winter Formal! My prom dress was velvet, black, full length with spaghetti straps by Donna Karan or DKNY or something. It was pretty too. I only went to 3 formal dances, all during my senior year and wore black every time. (this was in the early 90's)

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    My first one was red,strapless (showing zero cleavage!) short with chiffon overlay full skirt. I swear it could be worn today witout looking vintage. I was thrilled with it and never sat out one dance!
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