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Thread: New York Fashion Week, Fall 2008: Rebecca Taylor

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    Default New York Fashion Week, Fall 2008: Rebecca Taylor

    New York Fashion Week, Fall 2008: Rebecca Taylor

    I think every runway should be glittered in gold. Maybe that's why some fashion-loving females, including Amy Smart and Carmen Electra, were in attendance. Though, the collection was really fit for Kate Hudson and her moody bohemian ways . . .
    Florals were present, but somewhat tame and morbid. Ruffles, billowy dresses, lace, and glittery belts kept things very feminine, very Rebecca Taylor. Boyfriend sweaters and shearling vests were the only masculine pieces here; they were quite cute. You know I love me some leopard, the mix of moody florals and animal print really buttered my bread. Something already on my Fall wish list: the black-on-black leopard print coat. To die.
    What was up with the model who had a shoe problem so she decided to just take off her heels and tippy toe the rest of the runway? Oh those silly pretty girls.

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    Meh, its alright, but nothing exciting.
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