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Thread: New York Fashion Week, Fall 2008: Marc Jacobs

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    Default New York Fashion Week, Fall 2008: Marc Jacobs

    New York Fashion Week, Fall 2008: Marc Jacobs

    Leave it to Marc Jacobs to go pastel for Fall. You will not see your expected chocolate brown, plum or teal on this runway. You will see icey neutrals, a couple metallics and pastels. Does this sound a bit Calvin Klein to you? Read on.
    For Spring Marc spoke of sensuality, Fall is quite the opposite. Women, looking slightly like men, were boxy, sporty and simple. Though, they were refined and comfortable. Never one to follow trends, but rather set them, I don't know if looking like a box is one trend I want to follow . . .
    Not a belt in sight, cocoon-like shapes gave way to cropped pants, collared shirts and v-neck sweaters. Dropped hemlines took things low, while shoulders remained a focal point. There was a bright bag here and there, but I was slightly distracted by the Jazzercise headbands. Can we go back to dressing like women, please?
    To see more from Marc's Fall collection, read more

    New York Fashion Week, Fall 2008: Marc Jacobs | Marc Jacobs, 2008 Fall, 2008 fall new york fashion week | FabSugar - Fashion & Style.
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    I'm not feeling Marc this season.
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    That velvet is disgusting. (Even on beautiful Vlada ) Seriously, though. This is fashion week. Not Rivendell.
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    I didn't like it at all this season.

    Very bland. We've seen it before.

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