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    Default Men's Underwear

    So I was surfing on Fig Leaves for some undergarment sales and saw a man's brief picture in there. Very nice and classic men's undies, filled out quite satisfactorily.

    What say you about men's underwear? Let's go further than the old boxers vs. briefs. What do you really like and why and what does your guy wear in real life? Specific brand?

    Or do men's undies not matter at all?

    I thought he had very nice thighs.

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    I prefer boxers on a man. Very sexy. Tighty whities are just so blah, uncomfortable looking and they just look like they should have Spiderman or The Hulk all over them. Most men that I have dated have worn boxers.

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    That guy does look good, but I hate briefs generally. I find them icky, I guess I think of them as something for little boys or something. I like boxer briefs, and I'll take that a step further - what I really like are very short, tight, fitted, stylish boxer briefs. I recently bought my guy a few pairs... *drool* My guy has very muscular thighs, they actually have a shape to them, kind of like the guy in that ^^ pic if not more so, and the short shorts look sooo yummy on him.
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    Boxer seem so old fashioned to me! I like men in briefs-and I don't mind if they do have Spidey on them-they look more-um-serious in the front pouch department. Like a display shelf of sorts.
    I also don't like the idea of everything flopping about.
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    I like the boxer brief things they fit tight like a brief but have the legs they just make a mans package and thighs look good I come from the store the other day and Mr. Piggy opened the door with only them on and it kinda turned me on go Mr piggy huh lol
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