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Thread: Modern Office Attire

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    Default Modern Office Attire

    When did dress standards in offices fall so low? I'm seeing everything from cropped belly shirts to visable thongs over the tops of low riders being worn in offices everywhere I go. Is this Hoochie Mama look now acceptable everywhere or are some places still sacred?

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    Default Re: Modern Office Attire

    i can't believe you're seeing that. lately i've seen some really cute office outfits, like nice dresses, cute power suits, etc. (i'm talking on women). on the men i pretty well always see a nice dress shirt and suit pants or pressed khakis and a nice dress shirt. i'm quite surprised that offices wouldn't enforce some sort of dress code.

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    where i work, alot of other girls some in wearing old ripped up jeans, big old UGLY shirts that look like they belong on a 200 lb. gorilla, rubber flip flops and other ugly shoes. I work in a school setting and I have always thought professional dress was a requirement, but i guess some people dont know how to dress properly.
    Personally, i love to dress up for work in clothes that are prrofessional and feminine, but thats just me.

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