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Thread: Tommy Hilfiger Just Made History With a Clothing Line for Kids With Disabilities

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    Default Tommy Hilfiger Just Made History With a Clothing Line for Kids With Disabilities

    Tommy Hilfiger Just Made History With a Clothing Line for Kids With Disabilities

    By Ellie Krupnick February 23, 2016 12:04 PM

    "Adaptive clothing" might sound like a Silicon Valley geek's take on fashion. But the phrase refers to something incredibly simple and necessary: clothing that's adapted for people with disabilities.
    Now a big-time designer is getting into the adaptive clothing game. This week, Tommy Hilfiger announced a line of adaptive clothing for children, created in partnership with the organization Runway of Dreams.
    The shorts and pants are classic Tommy, with lots of red, white and blue and preppy plaids. But the beauty is in the details: buttons and zippers replaced by MagnaReady magnet closures, and adjustable waistbands, pants length and sleeve length.
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    Source: Tommy Hilfiger The details come courtesy of countless parents who've spent years trying to help their children wear "normal" clothing. One of those moms, New Jersey-based fashion designer Mindy Scheier, came to a revelation after her son, Oliver, asked to wear jeans to school like his friends.
    Oliver has a rare form of muscular dystrophy that limits his movement and requires him to wear leg braces, making jeans a challenge.
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    Source: Mic/YouTube That's when Scheier decided to use her fashion design background to give kids like Oliver clothing that actually works for them. Runway of Dreams, which Scheier founded in 2013, is a nonprofit that works with fashion companies to create adaptive clothing.
    And according to the organization, Tommy Hilfiger is the first major brand to create an adaptive version of an existing clothing line.
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    Source: Richard Corman for Tommy Hilfiger The line, which includes 22 total pieces for boys and girls, cost the same as Tommy Hilfiger's current clothes for kids, and the styles are nearly identical. But the small details, like shirts that magnet shut and pants with Velcro at the fly instead of zippers, set it apart.
    "This collaboration is a huge step forward and is the first of many future Runway of Dreams initiatives to bring adaptive clothing to the market and make fashion truly inclusive," Scheier wrote in an editorial for Time.
    The line is part of agrowing movementwithin the fashion world to recognize those with disabilities, from including differently abled people in runway shows and ads to creating adaptive clothing that actually works for people with unique needs, such as those who use wheelchairs.
    The impact of that visibility and innovation is clear from a powerful video made by Helen Polise for Runway of Dreams that features parents of kids with disabilities, including Scheier, and children themselves, including Gianna Schiavone, who recently walked in a Fashion Week show.
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    Source: Mic/YouTube View gallery

    Source: Mic/YouTube View gallery

    Also making a cameo in the video is Lucy Jones, the 24-year-old designer who became known this past year for her seated fashion collection, designed for her senior thesis at Parsons School of Design. Jones is just one of a few designers who are creating clothing adapted for adults who use wheelchairs.

    Now, her insight into designing for disability is extending to kids as the creative director of Runway of Dreams. The line for Hilfiger, Scheier said, is hopefully just the start.
    "Tommy Hilfiger is the first of what I believe will be many brands to do this," she wrote for Time. "It's time for the industry to come together to make change happenóto see this consumer market as an exciting chance to engage new shoppers, but more importantly, to make an impact."

    Tommy Hilfiger Just Made History With a Clothing Line for Kids With Disabilities

    Source: Tommy Hilfiger Just Made History With a Clothing Line for Kids With Disabilities

    Naturally, some people have a problem with this:

    Tommy Hilfiger just made history with a clothing line for kids with disabilities

    This week, Tommy Hilfiger announced a line of adaptive clothing (clothing thatís adapted for people with disabilities) for children, created in partnership with Runway of Dreams, an organization started by New Jersey-based fashion designer Mindy Scheier, who had her own upsetting experiences with the lack of adaptive clothing.
    Follow @this-is-life-actually
    This is how we can make fashionable clothing for all, @this-is-life-actually.
    "All? ALL? This is HARDLY ďallĒ.
    We still apparently canít make clothes for fat and very fat people. *sigh*.
    Also, notice itís only for children? Adults with disabilities can apparently go naked. Once youíre an adult, TH doesnít want to have anything to do with you. Tommy Hilfiger doesnít want their brand associated with them.
    Itís just another form of inspiration porn, really. Oh, help the poor disabled kids because that looks good from a PR standpoint, but disabled and fat & very fat adults can go fuck themselves.
    Iím not saying that adaptive clothing for children isnít a good thing, Iím just saying that itís problematic in its specificity & we shouldnít be praising them for something they (and all clothing manufacturers) should have been doing all along (& should be doing more.)"
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    I think it's great. It's a very important part of development to learn how to dress yourself. Kids take pride in it. I know mine does.

    Would be great if there were more clothes for adults, of course. This is still a good thing.

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    Great idea. Hope the clothing is affordable.
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    The first and only thing that pisses me off about things like this is that it took a designer to experience it closely (a child) to wake the industry up to the needs of the disabled. WTF is wrong with thinking about EVERYONE's needs from the get go, not just the tall skinny and beautiful aka "perfect".
    But I suppose better late than never eh? In that sense... I'm glad this is created. Maybe this is the start of a future? Soon various clothing will be made available to... everyone. *thumbs up

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    This is brilliant! My late stepsister was a wheelchair user (spina bifida) and had issues with getting clothes to fit. In the end her auntie stepped in and started shortening the length of blouses, knitted her lots of jumpers and cardigans that had shorter bodies and tapering trousers that fit well on the waist but were way too baggy on the legs. These are things that people wouldn't think of unless they had to deal with it themselves - if, for example, material gets bunched up behind you it can apply pressure which, as the wearer can't feel it and adjust it, causes pressure, rubs and maybe even sores, and as anyone who has had to deal with limited mobility knows pressure sores are the Devil.
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    He's a big brand name, but down here in The Netherlands there was an item on the news about a mother of a multiple handicapped child who has started a clothing line for kids with all kinds of disabilities and health problems about a decade ago and still continues it.
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