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Thread: It's not Aintree, but I'm in "fashion" withdrawal so...

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    Default It's not Aintree, but I'm in "fashion" withdrawal so...

    Hold onto your hats ladies! Breezy blouses and drafty dresses galore as women brave the elements in their finery at Chester races

    • The three-day Boodles May Festival started at Chester Racecourse today
    • Racegoers refused to let the high winds and rain dampen spirits
    • They showed up in mini dresses, bodycon and skyscraper heels

    By Caroline Mcguire for MailOnline
    Published: 18:31 GMT, 6 May 2015 | Updated: 19:13 GMT, 6 May 2015

    Chester is known for its glamorous residents.
    The Cheshire city is beloved by footballers' wives, the Hollyoaks cast and the Real Houseswives of Cheshire.
    So there was high hopes for the fashion that would be on show on Day One of the three-day Boodles May Festival at Chester Races today.


    A group of ladies brave the elements to show off their finest clothing as they arrive at Chester Races earlier today

    Many of the men and women who turned up didn't disappoint, with an array of smart dresses and fitted blazers on show.
    But there was still a sizable amount of cleavage, fake tan and skyscraper heels.

    The glossiness of many of the outfits took a hit thanks to the unpredictable spring weather.
    High winds meant that many women were left clutching their hats, while others were forced to cover up their colourful dresses with winter coats.

    This lady made sure to wrap up warm against the elements

    This colourful lady was caught out by a gust of wind, which took her hat away

    Model Charlotte Dawson and her friends braved the weather with mini dresses and bare legs

    Charlotte was in high spirits and joked around with a fellow racegoer

    Charlotte eventually gave up in her battle with the elements and covered her hair with a brown coat

    The wind and rain failed to dampen the spirits of racegoers though, with thousands heading through the gates for a day of betting.
    Many ladies ignored the weather forecast completely and braved the elements with bare legs and arms in short-sleeved mini dresses and strappy heels.
    The model and actress Charlotte Dawson was in high spirits as she arrived at the event with a group of friends.

    These ladies came prepared with some waterproof ponchos

    This lady took some time out to read the brochure under her brolly

    Despite the wind and rain, these ladies kept smiling

    This couple didn't have to fight for a seat outside in the rain

    The trio of ladies grinned through the unpredictable showers in their colourful frocks but were eventually forced to admit defeat and hid their styled hairdos under raincoats.
    Others came more prepared and spent the afternoon sheltering under an array of brightly patterned umbrellas.
    As well as Charlotte Dawson, famous faces included Liverpool FC legend Kenny Dalglish and his wife Marina, as well as footballer Micheal Owen, who was joined by his wife Louise.

    Footballer Michael Owen came prepared with a racing newspaper

    The wind proved tricky for many women, who were forced to hold onto their hats

    These ladies were holding their hats down before they had even entered the racecourse area



    There was a look of defiance on many faces as they continued to keep their headgear held down


    Although tricky in the wind, the hats proved a useful shelter from the rain

    There are higher hopes for the weather for Ladies Day though - which takes place tomorrow.
    Reports are predicting a drier day with highs of 11 degrees.
    Fortunately for the racegoers, the historic Chester racecourse has undergone a £2 million refurbishment over the last year.
    They were able to shelter from the elements in a brand new champagne bar - which was used by visitors for the first time today.


    Some women opted to go without any jackets or waterproof clothing


    Despite lower than average temperatures, this women didn't appear bothered to be outside in a strappy dress


    A bit of Pimms went a long way to warming up racegoers today

    This lady stocked up on refreshments after a long afternoon of watching the races

    "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge."

    -- Stephen Hawking

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    Being Paula


    I'm so proud I kept my British passport.
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    What's Daenerys Stormborn doing at Chester? Is it dragon races?

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    I feel I have to say we don't all look like this, but unfortunately there are a fair few who do. The eyebrow situation in Manchester is out of control.

    eta: Emilia Clarke is terribly insulted by your remark. That's clearly Christina Aguilera.
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    nothing sez klass like a broad carrying draft beer in horrific white shoes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by levitt View Post
    I feel I have to say we don't all look like this,
    Uh huh. How many fascinators are in your closet?

    "The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge."

    -- Stephen Hawking

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    This lady is so adorable.. haha.. i wonder if she got her hat back?

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    Scouse hookers, got to be.

    Who lit the fuse on your tampon?

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    Someone needs to send these photos to Micheal K at Dlisted. He would fully appreciate the elegance on display.

    I wanna do a pub tour with the lady in chartreuse.
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