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Thread: Dennis Basso Pre-Fall 2015

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    the model has gorgeous legs.
    i couldn't do an entire fur coat but i like some of the ponchos/shawls with fur trim, they look like you could curl up in them and take a nap and they'd be soooo soft and warm.
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    Gaahh Fur!.. Nooo.

    Pic #2.. The gold fabric on the dress looks so divine.

    Pic #3.. The little dress looks adorable.

    Pic #5.. another cutie of a dress.

    Pic #6.. love this outfit.. the skirt looks wonderful.

    Pic #8.. i LOVE this little dress, soo pretty.

    Pic #9.. What a gorgeous skirt.

    Pic #10.. Yet another cutie pie of a dress.. haha.

    Pic #11.. Awesome trousers!

    Pic #14.. Drooling like mad over this dress.. WOW!

    Pic #16.. Love this set.

    Pic #17.. Love the little dress.

    Pic #19.. Oh man where's mah drool bucket?.. Another WOWIE of a Dress.. love it.

    Pic #21.. Love this dress too.

    Pic #22.. Love the fabric of the dress (from what i can see of it).

    Pic #23.. picking up the drool bucket again.. Oh my what a stunning dress.. i lubs it so much.. drooools!

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