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Thread: Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2015

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    Thank you for posting these new batches of pics, Palta

    Pic #3.. love this outfit.

    Pic #6.. Both the coat and dress look adorable.

    Pic #7.. i love all the reds they have used with this outfit.

    Pic #8.. what a gorgeous skirt.. i bet it looks great in motion... the top is nice too.

    Pic # 9 & 10.. i'm loving the raspberry and pink colours together, they look very delicious.

    Pic #13.. love the colour and style of this dress.

    Pic #14.. very pretty little dress.. wonderful colour.

    Pic #15.. love the little multi-layered skirt, it's so cute.

    Pic #16.. freaking adore this.. even with the crewneck

    Pic #17.. what a gorgeous top, it's so lively and different.

    Pic #18.. Love this top also.

    Pic #19.. Like this dress.. but those shoulder straps... hmm i can't put my finger on what i find wrong with them.. oh well.

    Pic #20.. i really love this version (even with the crew neck) it's a really smart and vibrant (not too vibrant) looking dress.

    Pic #21.. The style of the coat is great.. but i find the flowers a bit OTT. And there looks to be a very sweet LBD under the coat too.

    Pic #22.. love the style of this dress, but the style of the flowers look slightly old fashioned (imho).

    Pic #23.. Love the idea of this outfit.. but the sheer skirt doesn't do it for me, sorry.

    Pic #24.. What a gorgeous little dress.. i love that little row of uneven lacing at the top of the bodice.

    Pic # 25 & 26.. love the teal and black together.. and also love the pink and black together, they all look stunning... i love the bodice part of both dresses, but the sheer skirts NOOOOO.. haha.

    Pic #27.. Ohhhhh drooly droolzz.. what a lovely dress.

    Pic #28.. Okay even though this lovely dress has got 'that flowery design' at the bottom of the skirt part, i really like this dress a lot... It's a lovely style.

    Pic #29.. OHHHH i Lubs this dress.. it's so pretty!

    Pic #30, 31 & 32.. love all these skirt/dress styles on those gorgeous colours.. but not a fan of the fur coats.

    Pic # 33, 34, 35 & 36.. Absolutely beautiful dresses.. love them!

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