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Thread: Escada Pre-Fall 2015

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    Pic #1.. i really want to like this dress.. but 'something' is stopping me... maybe if it wasn't so 'boxey', it might look better?

    Pic #2.. love the skirt.

    Pic #3.. love this whole outfit (i'd be too scared to wear it though.. i'm too much of a grub.. haha

    Pic #4.. love this outfit too, very stylish.

    Pic #5.. Very pretty dress (gorgeous colour).. but the waist is bothering me for some reason?

    Pic #10.. this is a great outfit.

    Pic #11.. Hmm.. it's a pretty dress.. but again, something is bothering me about it?

    Pic #17.. This is a cool little dress.

    Pic #19.. Very beautiful dress.. love the hint of pink ribbon running through it.

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    horrendous. for the texas socialite trying to pretend she's not tacky.
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    Wow the only one thats tolerable is #3.
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