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Thread: Prabal Gurung Pre-Fall 2015

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    I'm not crazy about the prints, especially the florals. The patterns and textures look very upholstery-like.

    But a lot of the dresses are really nice with clean shapes, I'm partial to the A-line silhouettes.

    And I think I like the multi-strap shoes.

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    Pic #2 .. What a funky coat.. i love it.

    Pic #3.. i love the Blouse and Pants but not too crazy about the spots on the cardigan/jacket.

    Pic #5.. Love this whole outfit.

    Pic #6.. love the blouse and the red trousers. but again, not too crazy about the jacket.

    Pic #7.. Freaking love this outfit.. both the dress and jacket are fab.

    Pic #9.. Drooling over this gorgeous little red dress.

    Pic #15.. What an awesome suit.. i love it!

    Pic #16.. love this outfit, it is very cute.

    Pic #18.. love this dress.

    Pic #21.. Very cute dress and very different.

    Pic #22.. love this whole outfit, very stylish and sexy at the same time.

    Pic #23.. very cute LBD.

    Pic #24.. i love this dress.. except for that high neckline.. GAAAHH!

    Pic #26.. Gorgeous dress, very feminine.

    Pic #27.. Love this outfit.. the jacket is adorable.

    Pic #33.. what an amazing little black dress, i really like the bodice with the cutout more near the shoulder.

    Pic #34.. another little cutie of a dress.

    Pic #35.. love this outfit (even with that neckline).

    Pic #38.. Fallen head over heels for this outfit.. the red colour is just glorious and the style is fabulous!

    Pic #39.. Love this outfit too.. (even with the high neckline).. it is just so haunting (if that makes sense?).

    And Beeyotch, i think i like the multi strap shoes too

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