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Thread: Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2015

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    Gorgeous collection.. i love about 95% of it!

    All those glorious rich colous they have used are lovely.

    Pic #1.. love this little outfit.

    Pic #2.. What a wonderful dress, i love it.

    Pic #3.. GASP.. It's sooo beautiful.. i LOVE the orange/gold colour!

    Pic #4.. Love that skirt.. it's gorgeous.

    Pic #5.. WOW.. another stunning dress.. i envy ladies with lovely small boobs as they can wear dresses like this so easily.

    Pic #6.. Another lovely dress, the fabric is really interesting.

    Pic #7.. i love the neckline on this very cute and smart dress.

    Pic #9.. Droooolzz,.. i LOVE It!

    Pic #10 .. This dress could be my favorite in this collection, it is just adorable

    Pic #13.. Another lovely dress.

    Pic #14... Ohhh that coat.. it's so awesome!

    Pic #15.. that's a very intriguing and interesting coat.

    Pic # 16.. love this long flowing dress.

    Pic #18.. Love this smart little dress.

    Pic #20.. another gorgeous long dress.. very pretty.

    Pic #21.. i love the colour of the dress, .. but the bodice looks odd.. it's as though they have tried to make it too 'corset-like'.

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