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Thread: Chanel's Austrian Jaunt

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    *swooooon* .. oh my goodness.. what a glorious collection!

    Such rich colours and magnificent fabrics.. there are some beautiful pieces here.. i'm in loooove .

    Ohhh some of those jackets.. are just so divine.. can't stop drooling .. oh my.

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    Waoh, the craftsmanship behind these pieces, i'm simply amazed at the amount of work on every garment, it's a fantastic collection !
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    i looked at the first few outfits and thought, wtf? but liked it more and more as i kept scrolling down. what a weird collection, but it works. and i've always loved tyrolean sweaters and loden and all that stuff. i really want a lot of the sweaters and jackets

    but did they really have to dress stella tennant up as oscar wilde?
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    Too much "National Lampoon's European Vacation" for me.
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