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Thread: American Apparel's 62-year-old lingerie model

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    Default American Apparel's 62-year-old lingerie model

    Keen to show that sexy has no expiration date, American Apparel has cast 62-year-old Jacky O'Shaughnessy to model its lingerie

    Should American Apparel be renamed American Provocateur? Judging by the retailer's discussion-provoking ad campaigns and model choices, we don't think the title is too far-flung.

    Just a couple of weeks on from the furore over the sweatshop-free-and-proud label's pubic hair-sporting mannequins, American Apparel is broadening its scope for what it thinks is sexy.
    Posting a picture of 62-year-old Jacky O'Shaughnessy sporting a lace bandeau bra and kickers (and nothing else except for a slick of red lipstick) on Instagram and Facebook, the caption reads: "Sexy has no expiration date. Jacky in Floral Lace Lingerie".
    Feedback on the social networking sites ranged from anger and abhorrence to comments made by those who are perhaps more mindful that one day they will be the same age as O'Shaughnessy.
    "Now she looks amazing. Honestly, not a flaw. Such a great figure and beautiful, long hair. Her skin looks healthy as does her entire body. And she doesn't look 'too old' for those pieces" wrote one user.

    O'Shaughnessy, who is not a professional model and was scouted on the off-chance by American Apparel in New York two years ago, starred in an 'Advanced Basics' campaigns for the brand in 2012 - but was fully clothed in the images. It is thought that the picture above was taken in 2012, but hasn't been used by the brand until now.
    At the time she told Fashionista: "Marsha [the photographer] introduced me to American Apparel and all of a sudden I discovered clothes that are beautiful, affordable and actually fit. I don't need to alter anything. They're perfect for my lifestyle, I like to be comfortable. You could say American Apparel and I discovered each other. It's a new world."
    There's no denying that O'Shaughnessy is striking, but perhaps it's actually the underwear chosen that isn't doing her justice.
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    Her face is flawless.
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    I wonder if Dov Charney gave her one of his usual party favors!

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    Your inner ear


    I think she looks beautiful, for any age.
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    Hey, us old farts like nice skivvies too.
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    I love it.

    (Although I do hate very long grey hair generally. I think its very witchy. I do love short grey hair though.)
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    this,short grey hair is lovely!she is a pretty woman,for any age and she has aged greatly!
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    I think it's a great idea. Baby boomers will appreciate this. American Apparel knows exactly what it is doing. And she looks hot.
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    I think this woman looks great!

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    Beautiful <3

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