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Thread: Louis Vuitton Thinks Their Bags Aren't Expensive Enough

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    Default Louis Vuitton Thinks Their Bags Aren't Expensive Enough

    Louis Vuitton Thinks Their Bags Aren't Expensive Enough

    Even the brilliant minds behind Louis Vuitton are sick of their logo: their new purses much more subtle than the ones stamped with LV that they pumped out for years. Also of note: this new, sleeker look comes at a cost. As in, it will literally cost you more money than their bags did before.

    Women's Wear Daily reports that unfortunately, due to the lack of availability "of quality leather," Vuitton is having a hard time producing enough new bags, specifically, those stunning Michelle Williams-modeled ones, which run in the $4,000 range. (This is compared to the cool $2,000 the traditional monogramed purses go for.) This means that despite a concerted effort to compete with other luxury brands like Fendi, Céline and Givenchy, executives say it will take some time for Vuitton to catch up to their peers in sales.

    Now that Marc Jacobs is leaving, it's anyone's guess where the company will go design-wise, but if these recent looks are any indication, they're favoring a sleeker, less ostentatious style. Not all of their new bags are totally sans-monogram, but they definitely have more of a resemblance to the very simple look of this popular Céline bag:


    Here's the Vuitton Capucine bag:

    And their W bag – with monogram:

    Louis Vuitton Shifts to Higher-Priced Bags [WWD] via Refinery29
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    Stamping a name obnoxiously all over a product--I don't care if it's a high-end designer--makes it look tacky. Even the more subdued logon on that Capucine bag is ugly. It screams of trying to impress, something a Real Housewife would be all over. I wouldn't carry it if I had the money.

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    i've never been a fan of the LV bags. except for the monogram cherry ones, those were kinda cool. never bought one, though, not really my style.

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