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Thread: Forever 21 In Trouble Again for Failing to Cooperate on US Sweatshop Investigation

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    Default Forever 21 In Trouble Again for Failing to Cooperate on US Sweatshop Investigation

    Forever 21 Incurs Subpoenas Over Alleged Violations of Labor Laws

    Forever 21 is in trouble for alleged labor violations. You don't say. The fast-fashion chain has failed to cooperate with a Department of Labor investigation into the labor practices of its Los Angeles-based suppliers and manufacturers, even ignoring subpoenas. The agency, which is seeking information about alleged violations of minimum wage and overtime laws, has petitioned the court to compel Forever 21 to turn over the records in question. "Since 2008, our investigators have identified dozens of manufacturers producing goods for Forever 21 under sweatshoplike conditions," said a spokesman for the labor department, who said the company's actions demonstrated "a clear disregard for the law."

    Forever 21 in Labor Department's Sights - Fashion Scoops - Fashion -
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