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Thread: White hot dresses

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    Default White hot dresses

    White-Hot Dresses

    White Is Right: The buzz is it's the season of the dress, and a few favorites have emerged among Tinseltown's style strutters: "Instead of LBD (little black dress), it's LWD (little white dress)," says celebrity stylist Sam Saboura. It may not be the most forgiving shade, but you can pull off the look by choosing a heavier fabric and more structured silhouette.

    Tummy Tuck: Belts are still popular. That's great news for fuller figures, says Saboura, because a nipped-in waist can make the body look more proportional. Achieve perfect balance by raising the belt if you're long-waisted or dropping the belt slightly if you're short-waisted.

    Attention to Detail: Boho is so last season, but designers are maintaining a '60s vibe with embellishments like eyelet, crochet and lace. "It's a great way to have fun and be playful, but keep it a little more subtle than we've seen," says Saboura. "It adds frills and flounce without being over the top."


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    Default Re: White hot dresses

    I hate to buy white clothing because I know it won't last too long. Anti-perspirants are what cause the staining, not sweat, and it's pretty much impossible to remove.

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    Default Re: White hot dresses

    Sunscreen can also react with fabrics and cause staining. Something that goes on my skin as white, causes orange stains. Hate that!

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    Default Re: White hot dresses

    Some of them are so pretty but yeah I am dubious about wearing white also.

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