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Thread: Gummy bear dress made of 50,000 candies

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    Default Gummy bear dress made of 50,000 candies

    First they put Mischa Barton on the cover cradling a naked baby, and now in another attention grabbing shoot, new magazine TWELV has turned candy into a wearable piece of couture: a gown made out of 50,000 gummy bears.
    Inspired by a dress from Alexander McQueen's spring/summer 2008 collection, the gummy bear gown was designed and styled by TWELV's editor-in-chief, Hissa Igarashi, and fashion editor, Sayuri Marakumi.
    Model Jessica Pitti then wore the 220lbs dress for the magazine's debut issue.
    Sweet as candy: TWELV created a gown made out of 50,000 gummy bears for its debut issue

    Sweet as candy: TWELV created a gown made out of 50,000 gummy bears for its debut issue

    To create the candy masterpiece, steel wire was twisted into the shape of a dress and covered with a sheet of vinyl.
    Each gummy bear was then glued on by hand in a colorful pattern reminiscent of a Chevron rainbow.
    Taking three weeks to complete, the final dress was fitted exactly to Miss Pitti's measurements and required the strength of three adults to maneuver during the five hour shoot.

    The inspiration: The gummy bear dress was modelled off this rainbow Alexander McQueen s/s 2008 creation

    TWELV told MailOnline that Mr Hissa's 'love and appreciation' of the late designer led to him to create the fun McQueen tribute.
    The new New York-based publication hitting newsstands for the first time at the end of May.
    Along with featuring a sit-up-and-take-notice gummy bear gown, it chose to place the ever intriguing Mischa Barton as its debut covergirl.

    Looks good enough to eat! The gummy bear evening gown... inspired by rainbow Alexander McQueen creation | Mail Online

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    If it fit correctly, maybe, but this doesn't. And I can't imagine what body heat would turn this thing into.
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    Think she'd be offended if I walked up to her and licked her dress?
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    What a waste of gummy bears.
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    The gummy bear model looks like a corpse. Those arms!

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    Her collarbone freaks me out

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    How sweet!
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    I'm sure the scrawny model would collapse under the weight of a 220lb dress. There must be something else holding it up underneath which could be why it's so poorly fitted.

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    That's torture, putting that dress on a chick who hasn't eaten in years.
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