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Thread: Reebok Court Victory Pumps: French Open edition

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    Cool Reebok Court Victory Pumps: French Open edition

    Packer Shoes x Reebok Court Victory Pump ‘French Open’ – Release Info |

    Last week, we brought you a preview of perhaps the most eagerly anticipated leg of the four-part Packer Shoes x Reebok Court Victory Pump “Grand Slam” Pack. While all four versions of the shoe draw direct inspiration from each respective tournament, none captures its subject in quite as bold fashion as the French Open edition. A white canvas upper has been splattered with simulated clay splatter stains in an effort to reproduce the well-known effects on white tennis shoes when they meet the infamous red Roland Garros clay. Contrasting hits of green add some further spice to the color scheme with the neon yellow tennis ball Pump providing the design’s brightest pop. In addition to the two-sided Packer/Pump hangtag and the “Packer Slam” inner tongue label, the final French Open touch comes by way of the special green “PARIS FR” insoles found inside the shoes. As with the others, quantities will be limited when these arrive next Wednesday, May 18th at Packer Shoes in Teaneck, NJ as well as their online store.

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    Looks like someone was murdered in them.
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    i like them! can't wait for the FO to start
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    I actually really kind of like them.
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    What's with all the blood splatters? UGH

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    Ugly shoes.
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