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    Default home stuff...

    where do you like to shop for home stuff? (think pillows,curtains,rugs) i have recently become obsessed with world market. i love it. its not too expensive and they have a ton of junk. i can pick up a blanket, a basket, a toy for my munhkin and a bottle of wine all in one place. and its not ugly like the stuff at wal-mart. imo i think pierone is over priced and some of it is hideous.. where do you shop?
    if you have never been take a look at some of their stuff..

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    I like this question because I just decided to redecorate our bedroom.

    I got all our bedding at Linens 'n' things. Pretty much everything else I got at Z Gallerie. I really like their stuff (well some of it).

    I'm going to check out that website you posted above though. I know we have them here but I have never actually been in one! And I'm not a big fan of Pier 1 either.

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    Default they have a bedding set I've wanted for 2 years. *cries*

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    I like to go to Ten Thousand Villages if I can. There is a shop downtown, and they also have a website. Everything is hand-crafted by artisans in developing nations, who work through co-ops or the store itself to establish fair-trade practices. (There are many outlets in North America.) Surprisingly, though, things are very inexpensive there. I would not have expected that, when you look at how expensive things like fair-trade coffee are. And you can find out the backstory and all the details on what group of people made your pillow or trinket.

    It's not a shop for things like linens and everyday items, however. There is some furniture, some textiles, but mostly more gift-oriented stuff. For general items I visit craft shows so I can get something unique, Chinatown for something unique and dirt-cheap, or Home Outfitters if I'm mainly looking to save money and be able to find whatever I want. (HO is related to The Bay and Zellers.)
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    i LOVE cost plus!!!!!! Wine, beer, balsamic vinegar, furniture, kitchen gadgets, everything a girl could want for the home!

    I also like going to places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Gordmans, and such for discounted stuff.

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