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Thread: Norway Bans Fur From Oslo Fashion Week

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    Default Norway Bans Fur From Oslo Fashion Week

    Photo: Imaxtree

    Norway, of all places, has become the first country to ban fur from its runways during Oslo Fashion Week, which will be held from February 14 to 20. You would think the first place to do away with animal pelts would be in a warmer climate, where wind does not shoot snowflakes down your collar and slush does not pile on street corners and force pedestrians to hop single file over a tiny pathway dug between two mountainous drifts! But then again, maybe Norwegians are better at handling snow than New Yorkers. [Refinery 29]

    Norway Bans Fur From Oslo Fashion Week -- The Cut

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    YAY!!! I hate fur and I wish the fashion industry would stop trying to glamorize it!!

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    I love that coat in the photo.

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    Whatever, they still hunt and eat whales. :p

    OT but yikes, that model is fug.

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    I love the coat in that pic, I'd wear it if it was fake fur.
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