Eighties Redux: The Reebok Freestyle melds vintage looks with modern technology | All The Rage | Los Angeles Times

It's finally happened. Those puffy, aerobic high-top Reebok Freestyle sneakers every fitness queen wore in the 1980s are back and, more alarmingly, we're actually starting to think they're cute.

But the shoe's new incarnation is no flat-soled, old-school tennie.

The brand-new Reebok Freestyle is cashing in on the "toning" shoe craze which promises to help sculpt and tone legs and bums through specially shaped soles.

Still, these rehashed kicks look miles more stylish than the oddball, boat-bottom toning shoes that are all the rage right now.

Reebok claims that the shoe's "secret, hidden EasyTone technology" tones butt and leg muscles "without the gym" by using balance pods designed to create natural instability in a woman's step. This "micro-instability," so the story goes, forces muscles to adapt and work harder.

That's all well and good, but we're more into the shoe's retro looks than its fitness potential. Though the Freestyle is also available in black and brown (all colors include a zebra-striped lining), we're loving the unapologetic flashiness of the all-silver model.

Eager to revert to the "Jane Fonda Workout" days? Snag the sneaks for $110 at Foot Action.

But don't even think about rocking them with legwarmers, a la 1985.