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Thread: New Trend - Hose that make your legs look hairy

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    Default New Trend - Hose that make your legs look hairy

    Has clothes company J Crew found its inner feminist?

    At first glance, this picture on its website of the model with what looks like hairy legs could be the handiwork of a mischievous graphic designer - or maybe the model just needs to find a working razor.

    Super hairy: J Crew's lace tights range replicate the texture and appearance of extremely hairy legs

    Optical illusion: A closer examination of the tights reveals they are actually in a lacy fawn pattern

    In actual fact, they are J Crew's latest lace tights range - which, from a distance, appear to replicate the look of very hairy, unshaven legs.
    The tights are in fact in a lacy fawn pattern.
    But the shapes and texture of the pattern make the overall effect from a distance something quite different from what, presumably, J Crew intended.
    The tights are certainly attracting plenty of attention on the internet - but sadly for all the wrong reasons.
    Blogs lambasted them as J Crew's 'hilarious' new 'hairy tights'.

    The tights are described on the store's website as 'an essential ingredient in the season's textural mash-up'.
    They are retailing for $22.50.

    Established in the U.S. in 1983, J Crew specialise in candy-coloured, classic, preppy styles.
    The company has garnered a huge amount of publicity in recent years.
    Most recently Michelle Obama admitted to being a fan and dressed her daughters in J Crew for her husband's presidential inauguration.

    Britons were previously only able to indulge their J Crew habit during sojourns in the States, but the launch of in May meant they could get their fix far closer to home.

    The online store carries a collection of more than 90 different J Crew designs — including dresses, jumpsuits and statement jewellery.

    Read more:
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    Lol! The legs look hairy in the model shot and blotchy in the close-up - not a flattering design either way. How did that slip past designers, photographers, wardrobe, photoshoppers, website people, everyone??

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    Not for me, thanks. I spend plenty to keep hair off my legs without spending $22.50 to make it look like I've got a forest. I could put those tights to shame for free if I took a mind to.

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    blurgh, I hate lace tights. I've seen girls wearing white/nude tights that at first glance make it look like they have some horrible skin condition or rash. Not appealing!

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    me no likey

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    Ohh my God :|

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    this makes legs look ugly.

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