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Thread: Spray On Clothing Will Allow You To Save on Dry Cleaning Bills

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    Default Spray On Clothing Will Allow You To Save on Dry Cleaning Bills


    You know how people say "those pants are so tight, they look like they're painted on?" Well, it's not so far from the truth now that there is Fabrican. Yes, it's fabric in a can that you can spray on!

    Buying Christmas gifts for the skimpy dressers in your life just got a lot easier. You can just get them a bottle of this substance, which is made of cotton fibers, polymers (to bind them together), and solvents to keep everything in liquid form in the can. It was created by Dr. Manel Torres, a Spanish designer, who has spent the better part of a decade perfecting the process. His product is still a few years away from hitting shelves, and he still has to iron out (ha!) some of the kinks, including making the garments smell a little bit less like chemicals. Although considering the sort of people who would want to sport spray-on clothing, a bad odor is going to be the least of their problems.

    Spray-On Clothing Will Allow You to Save on Your Dry Cleaning Bills

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    Guess who just ordered 10 outfits?

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    Nooooo! Now we're going to see more of Coco's twat than her gyno.
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    So they're just remarketing that hair-in-a-can?
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