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    After years of wearing skirts with elastic waists to 5-course meals or hiding our unzipped pants under the table after Thanksgiving dinner, we’d almost rather just not wear pants most of the time. Now, San Francisco-based pants company Cordarounds makes a pair that tells it like it is and accommodates big eaters.

    The “Gluttony Pants” feature an adjustable buttoned waist-band setting. On salad days, you can choose the tightest fastening, “Piglet.” After a big lunch, loosen up to “Sow.” And for complete pig-outs, there’s the largest, “Boar,” which gives you enough room for your protruding gut. There’s even a lining featuring illustrations of people stuffing their faces.

    Still, no pants would be nice, but most restaurants that you eat at require them.

    Wear It Like It Is: Cordarounds "Gluttony Pants" | The Frisky

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    haha those are funny!
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