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Thread: I want this dress so badly

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    Default I want this dress so badly

    And I have three weeks to seek and find a knockoff and in a color. I'd wear periwinkle, black, taupe, beige. Can't do white and can't do 2000 dollars. I have two summer events.

    I love how it's tasteful, covered up, a little sexy but age appropriate. Fug shoes in that picture!

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    Don't you have a friend who can sew (like a tailor)? Then buy fabric
    you like in the color you prefer, get as many pictures of the dress,
    from as many sides and ask her to make it for you for a nice friendly price.
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    I love the dress, it would look great in a color for summer parties! I envy anyone who can pull off a sheath (I'm extremely pear-shaped so it's out of the question.)

    Hope you find that perfect version of this dress.

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    I am pretty good at sewing and from what I can see, that dress would be pretty easy to make. Get a basic dress pattern from Simplicity or McCall's and head to a good seamtress, she will be able to modify the top.

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    Having it copied is such a great idea. Never thought of that. I don't know anyone but I'm going to do some research. It would really have to be made well.

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