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Thread: Why the low pants Generation Y?

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    Default Why the low pants Generation Y?

    Dear Miley, Avril, Abercrombie and/or Fitch, and the late Mr. Levi Strauss,

    I call on you people because you are who dresses the Generation known as Y. I have a question for you and other clothes makers of today: Why do you make your clothes so our children’s butt crack sticks out even with the use of a belt?

    It’s hard to find a decent pair of jeans that will last for a junior-sized body. A tween and teenager of today is not going to shove their budding body into a pair of belly button-rise jeans that us mommies are more comfortable wearing. The youth of today prefer those tiny little hip-huggers that when I hold them up to me I wonder if I’d have to shave certain pieces and parts of me just to wear. All of the jeans built for a narrow-hipped junior these days are far too low. What’s so great about the butt crack that you people feel that kids these days should just let it all hang out? It’s a butt crack. It’s mere inches above their poopers. It is still a private part of their body. Couldn’t you add just a few inches to the butt part of the jeans so everything would be covered?

    You know, back in my days of being a junior-sized person (and oh, those were the days) jean-makers would make the back of the jeans just slightly higher than the front so the jeans would still go below the naval. I have to admit that it is more comfortable to wear jeans that are lower in the front since it makes for better mobility. Having the knowledge that if I should happen to stoop over my butt will remain inside the jeans is a real plus in my book. Half the time, the jeans can be almost ugly but if my butt stays put, then I’m buying them.

    I’m tired of running around the house yelling, “Your ass sets are showing,” as a way to alert my girls that their bums are sticking out. I think my girls are adorable, but I really like to see them fully clothed. If my husband had his way the girls wouldn’t leave the house in anything less than a full turtleneck and ribcage high pants. I’m not about punishing the youth of the day, but am just trying to reach a compromise between the parents and Generation Y.

    I know that times have greatly changed since I was a teenager but have they really changed this much that we’re making it okay for our girls to go around with their butts exposed. I remember my mother asking me if I was going to wear “that” out of the house. Usually “that” meant a baggy pair of jeans paired with an even baggier shirt. She used to tell me, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Have the designers of those days finally taken my mother’s advice and ran with it? Things here are going a bit too far and way too low. Even a pair of pants that fit “properly” are showing too much rear cleavage. Are you making our kids the butt of some joke or something?

    If you people are going to continue to make your jeans this way, could you at least reinforce the belt loops since this is how my girls pull their pants back up? Better yet, could you put a handle on the pants so the girls have something to hold on to while they walk around the mall and text their friends? I’m two steps away from sticking long-stemmed roses down the next butt crack I see.

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    Really? I thought the era of super-low rise jeans went out with Britney's sanity. I'm almost positive they've hiked up the rise since then.

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    ^They have. But loads of people seem to still favour low-rise trousers.
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    I saw a girls butt crack at work last week!

    Fortunately I shop at a Granny-shop so mine is well covered.... I'm taller than average & "hipsters"/low rise jeans are indecent on me.... even quite high ones.
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