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Thread: Jimmy Choo for H&M

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    Default Jimmy Choo for H&M

    Move over Kate Moss,Topshop is about to face some serious competition.
    And no doubt retail giant Phillip Green will be monitoring sales with nervous anticipation as shoppers count down to the hottest collaboration of the year -Jimmy Choo for H&M.
    Consumers are generally expected to fork out exorbitant amounts to get their hands on the coveted heels, a staunch favourite among A-listers such as Beyonce and Michelle Obama, with the average pair costing around 500.

    LEFT: Long wrap dress 69.99, high heel zebra print shoes 79.99, evening bag 39.99, leather bracelet with studs 17.99. RIGHT: Suede dress with fringes 49.99, high heel shoe with studs, 79.99,zebra print bag 69.99, leather bracelet with studs 24.99

    But for a credit-crunch friendly 69.99, shoe-lovers can now bag a bargain courtesy of the high street chain, and just in time for the party season too.
    The collection, announced earlier this year, hits shelves on November 14th and if past collaborations are anything to go by, queues - and mass hysteria - will promptly be forming around the corner.
    President and face of Jimmy Choo Tamara Mellon has included all the superbrand's trademark designs in the capsule wardrobe, that features not only shoes , from thigh-highs to gladiators, but also clothes and accessories.

    LEFT: One shoulder suede dress 149.99, high heel cheetah print patent sandalette, 69.99, earrings with studs and crystals 17.99, leather bracelet with studs 17.99. RIGHT: Beaded dress 99.99, high heel strap shoe with zip 79.99, zebra print bag with studs 49.99, leather bracelet with studs, 24.99

    There are crystal embellishments, studs, animal prints and block colours to ensure no trend goes unmissed.
    Accessories complement the 80's theme with evening clutches and larger day bags, which are bang-on-trend studded or fringed.
    Belts are also studded and wide, or long enough for a triple wrap. Fashion-forward choker necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and earrings ensure customers can walk out in head-to-toe Jimmy Choo if they wish.

    LEFT: Suede dress 149.99,fake fur vest 59.99,sequin cardigan 69.99, leather studded belt 39.99, high heel strap shoe with zip 79.99. RIGHT: Embroidered t-shirt, 59.99,stretch leather over the knee boots, 179.99, medium-size leather bag 69.95,leather bracelet with studs, 17.99

    The clothes have a glossy goth feel with one-shoulder dresses, jumpsuits, leather leggings and dresses covered in crystals, emphasised by a fake-fur gilet, sequined cardigans and embroidered tops.
    Choo queen: Tamara Mellon started her multi-million pound fashion empire with a loan from her father

    There is even something for the men as a selection of ankle boots and bags, as well as a wool blazers, leather biker jackets, silk and cashmere mix sweaters, shirts and trousers will also be available in store.
    Mellon, who set up the designer empire with a 150,000 loan from her father, said: 'It's such a privilege to design a collection to appeal to fashion savvy, street smart women.
    'Jimmy Choo will bring to H&M a sophisticated, fashion forward, accessible and glamorous collection - the perfect party pieces to wear out at night'.
    Jimmy Choo was co-founded in 1996 by Malaysian-born Choo and former Vogue accessories editor Tamara Mellon. It has since become a major global upmarket brand with stores on six continents.
    The partnership is the latest coup by H&M, who have cashed in on collections by designers including Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson, Madonna and Kylie Minogue.
    Let's hope Sir Phillip can come up with the goods to compete.
    Jimmy Choo for H&M hits stores on November 14th at 9am, visit H&M for details.

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    I just saw the fourth pair in a shop today and they were so cheaply made. Really horrible and terribly overpriced. No way would I buy them.
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    i was in rome when this came out. and i was not tempted to brave the crowds for any of it.
    the only thing i like is the 4th dress, the black beaded knee-length one. the rest is fug.
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    Jimmy Choo - The Trashy Edition
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    Cheap shoes for cheap whores......expensive whores only wear Louboutin these days
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    fucking fuck shit shoes fuck that

    ( I didn't find my size when I wen't to H&M)
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    i like those last boots but I doubt that I'd paid 180 for a H&M edition choo.
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    I bought a necklace and already soms studs are missing and I have not even worn it yet! Was pleasantly surprised about the one shouldered leather dress. The leather seemed soft and the dress nice.

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    They look completely unoriginal and cheaply made.
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    save and buy a nice pair of jimmy choos. ive seen better looking shoes at aldo

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