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Thread: Marc Jacobs in makeup for NARS Book

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    Default Marc Jacobs in makeup for NARS Book

    Now that's a Man-icure! Marc Jacobs in the new NARS book, "15X15." Photo: Courtesy of NARS.

    Marc Jacobs must really heart François Nars, and not just because the designer uses the makeup artist extraordinaire for his fashion shows.
    In the gorgeously provocative new NARS book, Jacobs poses (right) -- we love the Dovima Nail Polish "man"-icure and bright red lips -- as '60s supermodel China Machado. (The image was inspired by a photograph Richard Avedon took of Machado.)
    The book, entitled "15X15," features 15 celebrities all photographed and made up by François himself. And better yet, it's all in the name of charity and NARS' 15th anniversary.

    But what makes this tome really different than your average beauty book is that each portrait is inspired by a NARS product and is based on an iconic reference chosen by François.
    So, picture Amber Valetta as Catherine Deneuve wearing Belle de Jour lipstick and Isabella Rossellini in a Junya Watanabe top wearing Misfit Duo Eyeshadow. In a word: Genius!
    Profits from the book's sales will be distributed between 15 charities, each chosen by a participating celebrity.
    "15X15" will retail for $80 when released in mid-November; the first 30 days it's available exclusively at 15X15project, then on the NARS Website.

    Marc Jacobs in Makeup for NARS Book - StyleList Fashion Blog

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    Hello mother fucker! when you ask a question read also the answer instead of asking another question on an answer who already contain the answer of your next question!

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    Are those his tattoos or are they fake?

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    ^^real tattoos. he has the worst ones. totally random and of absolutely stupid things like spongebob or something.

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