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Thread: Get Thee to Loehmann’s: Recession results in tons of Barney's merchandise

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    Default Get Thee to Loehmann’s: Recession results in tons of Barney's merchandise

    Get Thee to Loehmann’s!

    10/2/09 at 5:00 PM

    Photo: Gavin Thomas

    Have you been to Loehmann's this month? WWD reports the chain is a bounty of discounted designer merchandise. About 24 racks of clothes in the Chelsea location alone were stocked with men's and women's castoffs from Barneys this week. WWD says the store "resembles a Barneys warehouse sale." But there you have changing rooms instead of vicious naked people trying to steal your Helmut Lang find at every turn. A Cut spy recently got major deals on fall 2008 shoes by Balenciaga (marked down to $250 from $1,200) and Dolce & Gabbana (marked down to $150 from $600).

    Loehmann's has carried Barneys merchandise in the past, but never to this degree. WWD adds:
    The location stocks plenty of upscale goods, including designer sunglasses from Betsey Johnson priced $20.99 from $65, and Valentino ties at $69.99 from $155. In the 4,600-square-foot Back Room, there’s Cynthia Steffe, Marc Jacobs, Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana. Within the Lambertson Truex assortment in the handbag area, there’s a snakeskin bag marked down to $499.99 from $3,495, and an ostrich bag priced $1,500 from $8,900.
    So all that inventory Barneys couldn't sell is finally hitting floors. And now we normal folk can buy all the stuff rich people were too embarrassed to buy last fall. Everyone can be gauche this season!
    Get Thee to Loehmann’s! -- The Cut

    I've always loved Loehmann's- you can get incredible deals there and not just on clothing. They also sell discounted salon products (Kerastase, Biologe, Redkin etc.) and perfumes.

    I just discovered their Twitter too, where they announce big sales:

    Just trying to save my GR peeps some $$!
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