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Thread: Tips for putting clothing/purses on consignment?

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    Default Tips for putting clothing/purses on consignment?

    i have a ton of clothing (ranging from high end to everyday brands) and a few purses i need to get rid of and am considering consignment because i'd like to get something for it all.

    have any of you used a consignment shop to sell clothing?

    some questions:
    -how do you choose the right one and know you'll get the most for your money?
    -does the consignment shop tell you how much they will sell the item for or do you tell them how much you are looking for?
    -how much of the sale price typically goes to the store vs. consignor?

    any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    I've done consignment. Take a look at the shops you're considering. Some are very upscale, only take certain brands, current styles, etc. These will ask the highest prices for your stuff.

    Generally the shop sets the price and you get a 50/50 split. Some start to mark down the merchandise after a certain time period, so the longer it's in the shop, the less you will get.
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