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Thread: Would you wear The Blankoat by Sruli Recht?

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    Default Would you wear The Blankoat by Sruli Recht?

    Half blanket, half coat, this Blankoat is made of knitted natural Icelandinc Wool. It has two generously long sleeves and the edges are stitched with a shell stitch.

    Dare To Wear The Amazing Blankoat By Sruli Recht? StyleFrizz

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    I'd wear it on my living room couch.

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    Very grim reaper-ish. Surely it's not meant to be worn outside the house? It drags the ground. They took the snuggie and turned it around & added a hood.
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    It's an upscale Snuggie. No thanks.

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    If it wasn't so long, and I wasn't forced at gun-point to wear the "hood", yeah I'd wear it. It'd be great without the five yards of extra "oh shit I tripped again" fabric at the end and the "Death Becomes You" hood material.

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    It costs 250 euros--have no idea what that is in dollars but that's 249 euros more than I would pay.

    ETA: that's 347 US dollars.
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