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Thread: Shoe advice for a specific dress - 2.0

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    Default Shoe advice for a specific dress - 2.0

    i just bought a dress very similar to this in black and i plan on wearing it to vegas next week. i'd really like to find some shoes that add more of a funky/fashion forward vibe rather than an "i'm going to a cocktail party" vibe. i'm looking for 3+ inches and less than $125. any ideas? thanks!

    eta: ooh, something neat like in the new kim kardashian fashion thread. those shoes are interesting.

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    I'd do a search on Zappos to give me some ideas.

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    I really like the strappy shoes paired with the dress in the picture. The colors complement each other well. I would try and find something similar. Gold would look nice too if you're warm toned.

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